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Pictured is therapist, Veronica, kneeling in front of a waterfall with a calm facial expression.


"Veronica is professional, dedicated, and passionate about her work as a sex therapist. Though she is incredibly knowledgeable, she continuously participates in trainings to further increase her knowledge in the field. Her truest desire is to be the best practitioner she can be and to empower her clients to make informed decisions to better their lives. It was a pleasure to work with Veronica. The field of sex therapy is sure to benefit from her expertise and ardor."


-Anonymous colleague

Here are some of the ripples I've created. Click on headlines below to access full articles, and feel free to share any you find helpful to create your own ripples.

WomensHealthMag asks experts for sex toys for beginners

Them offers updated recs for navigating Seasonal Affective symptoms

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Mic asks relationship therapists for advice on Sex and depression: How to stop seasonal affective disorder from killing your libido

Women's Health asks sex therapist's opinion on 12 Kinky Sex Positions To Spice Your Sex Life Way TF Up

Insider asks multicultural sex therapist for tips on how to talk about race in an interracial relationship

Swell asks multicultural relationship therapist about how to be a supportive, anti-racist partner

Insider speaks to relationship therapist about how to curb family and roommate tension during the coronavirus pandemic

Insider asks relationship therapist about how to navigate quarantining during Coronavirus crisis

Insider asks relationship therapist to share expert opinions on interracial dating and the hit Netflix show, "Love is Blind"

Insider chats with licensed counselor on couples' communication styles throughout Netflix show "Love is Blind"

Insider interviews gender and sexuality psychotherapist on Rosario Dawson coming out as LGBTQ+ and the Queer Community.

Insider asks sex therapist to bust myths about BDSM and Kink

MyWellbeing asks licensed psychotherapist for help Debunking Therapy Myths to offer the truth behind some common misconceptions about therapy

In this piece on Preventing Burnout, licensed psychotherapist, Veronica Chin Hing, shares four ways to combat emerging burnout symptoms. Head over to MyWellbeing to read the full article.

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