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Veronica N. Chin Hing-Michaluk, LMHC

Cultivating a diverse healing practice in the city that never sleeps


VNC Therapy New York is a private psychotherapy and coaching practice that affirms and empowers historically marginalized communities; placing emphasis on fostering healing spaces for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ identities. 


I bring a unique clinical lens into therapy- one that is rooted in a queer, sex-positive, multicultural identity. That means you can feel comfortable bringing all of you to session without having to worry about compartmentalizing aspects of who you are. You can expect a therapist who has the capacity to hold multiple truths, respect your beliefs, and challenge your negative patterns of behavior in a supportive way that facilitates lasting, positive change. There is no quick fix here, and our sessions will often be weaving through the tapestry of your life at a pace that feels comfortable to you.

The session fee is $300 per therapeutic hour, and our sessions may include:

  • exploring multicultural, biracial or third culture identity and its intersections with gender expansiveness, sexual scripts and working definitions that affirm the type of pleasure you're seeking

  • navigating adult child-of-immigrants topics, capitalism and living in NY, queer ENM dating

  • improving low self-esteem, relationships with mind-altering substances, holistic health and wellness

  • processing  complex trauma and family of origin conflicts, how all facets of life can affect access to pleasure

  • moving through guilt, shame, loneliness, fear of failure or inadequacy, grief and loss

About Me

Queer Nonbinary BIPOC Gender and Sexuality Psychotherapist

They, them 


Licensed Mental Health Counselor NYS Lic. 009890

M.A., Forensic Mental Health Counseling, CUNY

B.A., Neuroscience & Forensic Psychology, CUNY

National Provider Identification (NPI) #1861984080


Association of Black Sexologists and Clinicians, 2021

New York Mental Health Counselors Association, 2020

Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, 2018

European Association for Occupational Health Psychologists, 2016


LGBT Institute for Family Therapy, The Center, 2019

Sex Therapy Collaborative Scholarship, 2019

Opioid Overdose Prevention, DOMH, 2018

Anger Management Specialist Level II, 2017

What Can You Expect in Therapy?

You can expect to feel surprised at how comfortable you feel in our sessions.

You can expect to laugh, cry, and connect with many other emotions you may not have access to right now. 

You can expect me to hold any guilt or shame you may feel with integrity,  compassion, and benevolence.

You can expect to understand you more. 

You can expect to feel seen and heard.

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