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First Things, First

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

First, I’d like to welcome you to the VNC Therapy | NYC Blog. My goal is to post regular content for your reading pleasure around a variety of topics ranging from navigating racial anxiety in your relationship to sharing how to have multiple orgasms with partners! My content draws from my clinical experience in the fields of substance use, child and adolescent development, gender and sexuality, forensic psychology, adoption, holistic wellness, and a variety of international and local trainings and conferences.

Secondly, I also write for you because I'm writing for a piece of me… the piece of me that didn't have a queer, affirming therapist to talk about sex, privilege, and entrepreneurship all in one space. I do want to share that my intent is to bridge differing groups through healing words, so I hope even folks who don't identify as a member of a marginalized group can take a moment to learn something and leave something. I'm always down for a shared experience.

Finally, a unique feature of my blogs will be the personal experiences I can share in some of my posts. Discount codes to personally vetted erotic shops and apps, tips to help navigate the play scene... the works. You’re joining me at the start of something wonderful, and I'm excited to evolve and transcend with you as a budding community!

Sending positive vibes,


How did today’s blog post make you feel? If there’s a topic you’re curious about, let me know in the comments below, and we can try to explore it in a future blog post. Have a personal question you want me to share in an anonymous blog post? Send me an email, and I’ll post some feedback that way others sharing your challenge can receive support, too!


Veronica Chin Hing is a psychotherapist and sex therapist in NYC. Honoring the intersectionality of multicultural issues, gender diversity, and sexuality, Veronica supports clients navigating the complex challenges that arise when holding intricate identities that exist outside the status quo. They help clients feel accepted unconditionally, and empowered to attain radical acceptance and personal transcendence.

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