How I Can Help You

My greatest pleasure is helping people feel at ease talking about some of their most intimate thoughts. Some issues I offer support around include:

  • exploring identity, non-monogamy, kink and BDSM, asexuality, erotic conflicts, online dating, performance anxiety, substance use, cultural identity

  • managing emotional well-being, life transitions, feeling out of control, low self-esteem, NYC-living, racial anxiety

  • processing complex trauma, family dysfunction, unconscious feelings, attachment issues, biases

  • resolving guilt and shame, abandonment, loneliness, fear of inadequacy or failure

My therapeutic approach is collaborative, dynamic, and uniquely tailored to each client. Therapy with me is affirming, sex-positive, and culturally sensitive. It's a safe space to unpack things you may have never spoken about with another person. Having worked in therapeutic settings ranging from adoption to substance use, my clinical lens is unique in that you can feel comfortable bringing all of you to session without having to worry about compartmentalizing aspects of who you are.


Chelsea, NY