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Code of Conduct

Please adhere to the following while engaging with any content on this site. 

  • Please use ownership language. "I" statements create a different vibe in the community and avoid name-calling or making generalizations. In the spirit of fostering an affirming and safe space, hate speech or harassment won't be tolerated.

  • Please ask me if you'd like to use any of my content before posting anywhere and credit my site as a professional courtesy! I'll most likely say yes, but it helps to know what audiences I'm reaching. 

  • This blog is not in any way confidential and communication through this site is not considered bound by the therapist-client relationship. It's also not regularly monitored. If you need to talk, please explore my services and resources pages. If you're in immediate crisis, please call 9-1-1 and ask for EMS services.

  • Don't Yuck anyone's Yum - The world is full of interesting, exciting, innovative erotic landscapes... so please be respectful of how other people experience pleasure as it comes up.

  • Disclaimer: any comments do not reflect the author's personal views or opinions. 

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